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Streets of Cairo. They're not all this dirty but most of
View from a tuk tuk on the way back from the Pyramids. Tuk t
View of the pyramids from the Sinai desert. To get a view li
The tunnel leading in to the chamber of the second largest p
The human body shaped ditch to my left is (no surprises) whe
Wadi Rum, a huge desert in Jordan. I hitchiked from here bac
The view from a beach in Aqaba, Jordan. Accross the water is
Sunset at the Dead Sea in Jordan. Floating in the sea is int
The Western Wall, Jerusalem. Jews consider this the center o
View of the outside of the Old City in Jerusaelm. Looks like
Bethlehem. Lots of cool architecture and full of really stra
The West Bank Wall from inside Palestinian Territory. Unsurp
The land pretty much all along the length of the wall is use
Tel Aviv. Full of beaches and bars. Outside of Israel it&#39
View of the European side of Istanbul from the Asian side. H
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