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Updated: June 5, 2014


What is ImageShack?

ImageShack is an intuitive and easy to use image hosting service. It can be used to upload and share images across a variety of popular platforms.

Does ImageShack cost anything?

A subscription is required to have full access to all the features ImageShack has to offer. However, we do a free 30 day trial to give people a sneak peak into what we're all about. We have a variety of different subscription plans available to suit a wide array of our customers' needs.

Which browsers does ImageShack support?

ImageShack supports all modern browsers, which are put through a compatibility verification test on each login. If your browser is not supported a page will be displayed with instructions on how to update and download the latest browser.

Is the old ImageShack still available?

No. Since we have redesigned the new site we are no longer supporting the old ImageShack. We want to give our customers the most modern and best looking product possible and that is our hope with the new site.

Are my uploaded files private?

Yes, if you would like your images to be private. We provide tools to manage your default privacy options, as well as the ability to update image privacy at any time in your settings. If an image is 'Public' it will be available for other ImageShack users to see in search results, following pages and your profile page.

How secure is ImageShack?

ImageShack offers substantial reliability and privacy protection. Your files are available only to you, and to those people with whom you share your file locations. Using modern techniques, ImageShack guarantees your privacy. Three random characters (i.e. "2ct") are added to the end of each image. A 4-digit subdirectory, based on the image name, is also created. These security measures ensure the prevention of image leeching and the protection of your file locations.

How stable is ImageShack?

It is our goal to be as stable as possible. The ImageShack front page can be reached 100% of the time, while each individual file has an average uptime of 99.99%.

Does ImageShack allow direct linking?

Yes, ImageShack premium subscribers and free trial users are able to access direct links.

How do I report a violation of the ImageShack Terms of Service?

Please fill out the abuse form and your report would be processed within 24 hours.

How much bandwidth can I use?

ImageShack allows unlimited bandwidth for images when viewed from our landing pages, as well as unlimited bandwidth for registered users to view anywhere on the site. ImageShack may at any time enforce its policies on bandwidth for hotlinked images and business subscribes.

  • Free trial/non premium account - 10 GB/month
  • Basic - 30 GB/month
  • Pro - 30 GB to 1 TB/month
  • Premium - 1 to 4 TB/month

How does image re-sizing work on ImageShack?

When an image is uploaded to ImageShack you have the option to dynamically change the image size whenever you get a link. Remember that the original image file will still be intact and available either through a direct link or image download at any time. There is no longer a need to upload multiple versions of the same image with different sizes!

Should I have a backup of my uploaded files on my computer?

ABSOLUTELY! Unpredictable events can occur, and we would like you to have a backup of your uploaded files on your computer. This precautionary measure is not be confused with ImageShack’s ability to keep backup copies of your files. Every time you upload an image we will make three copies to ensure that your images are safely stored, and are retrievable in case of unforeseen catastrophic events of various kind.

I'm missing images

If your account contains any missing or broken images we ask that you email us at, and if possible provide the image links in question. We will look into restoring the image back into your account as soon as possible.


Which file types am I allowed to upload?

ImageShack supports all major image formats including jpg, png, gif (including animated gifs), tiff and bmp.

How many files can I upload?

All premium Imageshack accounts include unlimited storage space.

Are there any size restrictions for uploading files?

Each image you upload must be no more than 25 megabytes in size.

How long will my uploaded files be available?

Images of active subscribers are not subject to any storage limits. Images in free accounts and subscribers who have who cancelled their subscriptions can be removed by ImageShack to free up resources, to prevent abuse or unauthorized use of ImageShack service. Please see Terms of Service for full details on ImageShack policies.

Why do my files get renamed after I upload them?

In order to ensure compatibility, only standard English lowercase letters and numbers are allowed. If your file contains non-standard characters, they will be omitted upon upload. Original filenames are kept as default titles for all of the images, until you decide to update them.

Why are my GIFs and PNGs now JPG?

All image uploads are converted to jpg format to increase speed and performance on the site. The original file format is preserved however and can be accessed with direct links or downloading the image.

Why are my PNG files no longer transparent?

All image uploads are converted to jpg format to increase speed and performance on the site. The original file format, including transparency, is preserved and can be accessed with direct links or downloading the image.

Why are my GIFs not moving in the "All Images" grid?

All image uploads are converted to jpg format to increase speed and performance on the site. The original file format, including animation in gif's, is preserved however and can be accessed with direct links or downloading the image. You can also view a gif animation by clicking on the GIF icon on the image to play it right away.


What can I do with my free account?

There are no expiry dates on free accounts. You will have access to the site including unlimited uploads, full privacy controls and no ads on account pages. Bandwidth limits may apply. Certain features are reserved for subscribed users and can be made available by upgrading your account at any moment you wish.

What happens to my account after the free trial expires?

If your 30 day trial expires and the account is not upgraded many features will become unavailable. It is necessary for example, to have a premium account to upload images and share links. We will continue to host your images and provide access to your account.

How do I check my subscription status?

To check your subscription status and other account details go to the settings page. In the top right hand corner of the site, next to your username is a dropdown menu which includes settings in the options.

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